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We would like to know a little about you

We are asking new users two simple questions, at the time of sign up:

Questions at Sign Up

These two questions, that take just a few seconds to answer, will help us create a more custom onboarding experience for new users. This is still a work-in-progress, of course, and in the first step we are just collecting some data while we get the rest built.  There are a bunch of customization ideas we are exploring. Stay tuned.

This is Us

Our team has had much to celebrate over the past few months, as we achieve milestone after milestone.  This is the India-based development team of Kerika:

Kerika’s India-based development team

It’s easy to leave Kerika

We have always made it easy (we thought!) to leave Kerika, which means closing all your accounts and deleting all the associated data: there was a button for this in the Manage Account screen, but we occasionally would get emails from folks asking us to close their accounts.  We concluded that not everyone was finding our old button easy to find, so we moved it right up to the main profile menu:

If you choose this action, Kerika will email you a code that you need to enter to confirm your action, since closing an account is a one-way street: there’s no way to get it back after it’s gone!

So many new features, we had to add a New Features feature…

Ever since we finished our massive rewrite and overhaul of our back-end we have been producing new features at a steady pace, as you may have noticed from the frequency of these blog posts. To make it easier for folks to keep up with the flood of improvements, we have added a “What’s New in Kerika” feature:

When there are new features in Kerika that were released since you last logged in, a small “What’s New in Kerika” badge will appear on the top of the app:

Clicking on this will show you a list of what’s new that you will find useful.  Here’s an example:

On the mobile app the alert is a little different, because of the smaller layout: a small orange dot appears on your profile picture; click on that and you get the profile menu which now contains a What’s New in Kerika option: