Welcoming Oakland Unified School District to our community of Academic Users

We have added the Oakland Unified School District to our roster of organizations where users will automatically get free Academic Accounts when they sign up, using their @ousd.org email addresses.

Kerika’s free Academic & Nonprofit Accounts let folks have up to 10 people working on boards owned by each account, and each individual within an approved organization can have their own account: that includes students, teachers and staff.

Our roster of whitelisted organizations now runs in the hundreds, and includes users from across the world.

Designed for, and built by remote teams

Our development team in India is under a national lock-down due to Covid-19, and we had been worried about a loss of productivity.

After a week of lock-down we have been checking with each person, and it turns out there was no cause for worry, especially from those who had the foresight to grab an extra monitor before leaving their office.

In fact, we expect that our team will ask for work-from-home as a regular work model even after the virus is gone.

Kerika is designed for, and built by remote teams!

We have started beta testing Kerika for mobile devices

We have enough of our new mobile version built that we have started doing beta tests with a handful of users from around the world. Initial feedback has been very positive.

We expect to stay in beta mode for another few weeks and then make the mobile version available to all our users.

There will be no app to install: you will be able to use your Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone.