It’s now even easier to catch up on changes in attachments and checklists

The orange arrow that appears at the top or bottom of a column when there are unread updates that are out of view has proved to be a very useful and popular feature, so we have extended the concept to work inside of tasks (cards) as well: if there is an unread change to a checklist item, or attachment, that’s out of view for you, an orange arrow will appear to help guide to you it:

The way these orange arrows work is very intuitive: just click on it to have the view scroll up automatically to show the next unread checklist item or attachment.

Kerika is now available in 37 languages

We have always had users from around the world, and we estimate that close to 80% of them are from countries where English isn’t the main language.  To make Kerika even easier to use by our global user base we did a massive translation effort, using a combination of AI and sheer hard-work, to create translations of our website in 37 languages.

This is far more than competitors, even those with budgets that are 100x larger than ours, has attempted; Trello, for example, is available in 20 languages, Asana in 12. But then, our competitors aren’t thinking as globally as we are: we have always had a vision of producing a powerful task management tool that’s easy enough to be used by people from anywhere in the world.

AI isn’t perfect yet, by any means, so it’s possible that our translations have mistakes. We welcome your feedback: if you see anything that you think needs correcting, please send us a screenshot.

Here’s the full list of the non-English languages that Kerika is now available in: click on the links to view the Kerika website in that language.

босански български език Hrvatski
čeština Dansk Nederlands
Eesti keel Suomi Français
Deutsch Ελληνικά ગુજરાતી
हिंदी Magyar nyelv íslenska
Bahasa Indonesia Italiano 日本語
한국어 Iatviešu valoda Lietuvių kalba
Bahasa Melayu Norsk Tiếng Việt
Język polski Português Yкраїнська мова
Pусский Srpski Slovenčina
Español Svensk Tagalog
ภาษาไทย Türkçe ㄍㄛ=ㄇㄠ

When you login you will be prompted to choose your preferred language; the default will be the dominant language in your country.  You can always change your language preference later, by clicking on the My Profile link on the top-right corner of the app:

It’s easy to leave Kerika

We have always made it easy (we thought!) to leave Kerika, which means closing all your accounts and deleting all the associated data: there was a button for this in the Manage Account screen, but we occasionally would get emails from folks asking us to close their accounts.  We concluded that not everyone was finding our old button easy to find, so we moved it right up to the main profile menu:

If you choose this action, Kerika will email you a code that you need to enter to confirm your action, since closing an account is a one-way street: there’s no way to get it back after it’s gone!

So many new features, we had to add a New Features feature…

Ever since we finished our massive rewrite and overhaul of our back-end we have been producing new features at a steady pace, as you may have noticed from the frequency of these blog posts. To make it easier for folks to keep up with the flood of improvements, we have added a “What’s New in Kerika” feature:

When there are new features in Kerika that were released since you last logged in, a small “What’s New in Kerika” badge will appear on the top of the app:

Clicking on this will show you a list of what’s new that you will find useful.  Here’s an example:

On the mobile app the alert is a little different, because of the smaller layout: a small orange dot appears on your profile picture; click on that and you get the profile menu which now contains a What’s New in Kerika option:

What Got Done and What’s Due: By Quarter

The What Got Done View, that’s accessible from your Dashboard, now has a new feature: it can show you everything that got done by calendar quarter:

This can be accessed from the Settings dialog from this View: just click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the app.

This feature is also available for the What’s Due View: now you can see how your long-term deliverables stack up over the next four quarters.

This By Quarter View should help folks that need to report to their bosses what the team is getting done, on a quarterly basis.

Another way to stay on top of what’s happening

When you are working on several boards, we want to make sure you don’t miss any updates that might be happening elsewhere in Kerika.

There’s a new feature that helps with that: if you have open boards (or templates) with unread updates, the drop-down on the “board switcher” appears in orange:

When you click on the OPEN BOARDS button, Kerika will show you all your open boards, with the updated ones highlighted in orange:

This should help you stay on top of what’s happening across your entire Kerika world: you don’t need to switch to different boards just to see if there’s anything new.