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About the Templates feature in Kerika.

Switching between open projects

When you have expanded your view of a Kerika board to fill up the browser, using the “Max View” button on the top-right corner of the Kerika app

Max View button
Max View button

Another button appears on the top-right, to help you quickly switch between all your open project tabs, as well as get to your Home Page:

Switching between tabsThis button is color coded to help you understand, at a glance, what’s going on in all your open projects:

  • If any of your open projects has an overdue card, then the button appears in red.
  • If any of your open projects has updates that you haven’t seen yet, the button appears in orange.
  • If any of your open projects has new cards that you haven’t seen yet, the button appears in blue.

Clicking on the button shows a list of all your open projects, along with your Home Page:

Switching between tabs
Switching between tabs

The little green arrow (shown above at the top) points to the currently open tab, the one that you are viewing right now.

Projects have a blue icon; templates have a purple icon: in the example above, Statewide Tennis Shoe Distribution is a template, while all the others are projects.

  • Boards with unread updates have orange titles, like Health Services above.
  • Boards with overdue cards have red titles, like Release Note Proof of Concept above.
  • Boards with new (unseen) cards have blue titles, like Statewide Tennis Shoe Distribution above.

You can reorganize your list of open tabs by simply dragging them up or down this list.

(But, the Home Page is always on the top; that can’t be moved.)

You can also close an open project tab that you are no longer interested in by clicking on the “X” to the right edge of the entry.

So, there’s a simple visual consistency in Kerika’s design:

  • Blue = New
  • Orange = Changed
  • Red = Overdue

Kanban in a Can: Capture, Visualize and Optimize your Everyday Processes

At the Jan 12, 2015 meeting of the Washington State Lean Practitioners Community of Practice meeting, organized by Results Washington at the Department of Labor & Industries in Tumwater, Arun Kumar presented Kanban in a Can: Capture, Visualize and Optimize your Everyday Processes.

Here’s the presentation on Slideshare (although most of it was actually a demo!):

The meeting was attended by dozens of Lean experts representing a huge variety of state agencies in Washington!

Lean Practitioners meeting
Lean Practitioners meeting

A small, but hopefully useful, change in how Templates are sorted

A couple of weeks ago we expanded your privacy choices to make it more easy for your account team to discover your projects and templates, which is something that our enterprise users had been asking for.

With the update we did this past weekend, one small change you might notice is on your Home Page: the Templates column on this page will sort all the available templates like this:

  • Templates you create are shown first; presumably these are the most important ones from your perspective.
  • Next, we show you templates created by other people where you are part of the project team.
  • Next, we show you templates that are being made available to you because they are being shared within account teams.
  • And then, finally, we list all the templates that Kerika itself offers.