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About bugs we found and fixed.

Fixed: issue with showing thumbnails of pictures

With our most recent update (which was yesterday), we have fixed a problem with thumbnails of attached images not showing correctly. (Not always, but sometimes.)

Here’s what the problem used to look like:

Example of a missing update

As you can see, this card has two images attached. The first one doesn’t show a thumbnail properly (it has a standard “missing image” icon instead) while the second one works fine.

The underlying cause for this was a mismatch in the duration for which Kerika was caching the thumbnail of an attachment after it had first been retrieved from Google Drive, and how long Google Drive was keeping the thumbnail around.

So you never saw the problem when you first attached an image, but if you went back to the card after 30 days you would see the “missing image” icon instead.

We have fixed this. You may still see this if your browser is caching old thumbnails; you can completely eliminate the problem by clearing your browser’s cache, which would force Kerika to request new thumbnails from Google.

Bug, fixed: the Views count was incorrect in certain situations

We found and fixed a bug that reported incorrect counts for some Views (on the Home page), that was triggered when users did a particular sequence of opening a View, applying the Assigned to Me toggle, and then returning to the Home page.

It was an edge case that took us a while to figure out because our own team didn’t see the problem happen; it only affected a few users.

Views on Home Page
Views on Home Page

The counts shown on your Home Page, under the Views tab, should be correct now.

Bug, fixed: our Pricing Page wasn’t showing up correctly.

Thanks to our users in Belgium and Finland for pointing this out to us: our Pricing Page wasn’t displaying correctly in browsers that had their default language set to something other than English.

This was happening only sporadically, and only in Chrome; other browsers like Microsoft Edge were handling it correctly.

Chrome was trying to localize text for non-English users before the language resources were ready; this problem had actually been fixed in the latest version of Polymer  We are using ‘app-localize-behaviour’ of Polymer’s app-localize-behaviour (1.0.2).  Turned out we were a version behind in updating our use of Polymer.


Bug, fixed: making sure your Daily Task Summary gets sent at 6AM

We recently found and fixed an odd bug related to the optional 6AM Daily Task Summary email that you can get from Kerika: if you had toggled the preference setting for this email — from ON to OFF, and back to ON again — the email was getting sent at 8AM instead of 6AM.

Daily Task Reminder
Daily Task Reminder (click for larger image)

Essentially a coding mistake on our part, and one we didn’t notice (and none of our users noticed, either) for a long time because no one would try changing this preference setting very often.

The bug’s been fixed.

Bug, fixed: signing up for Kerika from “.software” domains

With the proliferation of top-level domains we have had to update some of our old code that tried to make sure people were signing up with properly-specified emails.

In the old days, of “.com” and “.org” and other short domain extentsions, this was easy to check at the time someone entered an email address: if it wasn’t properly formatted we could alert the user right away so they didn’t go down a dead-end path.

We can’t do that anymore: new top-level domains are being launched on a regular basis by registry companies and the list of potential domain extensions is no longer finite or easily matched by regular expressions.

We thought we had done these updates a while back, but clearly something slipped through the cracks: people from “.software” domains were unable to sign up as new users.

That’s fixed now.

Bugs, fixed: edge cases where due dates on tasks weren’t being reflected correctly at the card level

If you create a list of tasks on a card on a Task Board or Scrum Board, Kerika does a bunch of stuff in the background to make sure your view of what’s due, at the card level, board level and account level, are always correct.

We found a couple of edge cases where the due dates on tasks wasn’t rolling up correctly to the card level, potentially giving users a misleading view of what was currently due for them:

  1. When the last task with a scheduled due date was removed (deleted) from a card, this wasn’t correctly adjusting the due date for the card itself.
  2. Similarly, when the last task with a scheduled due date was no longer scheduled, this wasn’t correctly adjusting the due date for the card.

Both bugs have been fixed. They were real edge-cases, so it’s likely that most users never noticed them in the first place, but still…