A new system of welcome emails for new users

Along with our recent (and ongoing) effort to update all the Kerika tutorial videos, we will be rolling out a new system of sending welcome emails to new users.

These emails will come once a day for the first 10 days or so (it depends upon how many tutorial videos we end up creating), and each email will include a link to a specific tutorial: e.g. how files are managed in Kerika, or how teams can be set up.

Our goal is to help new users learn about core features of Kerika as quickly as possible, over the first couple of weeks of their usage.

These emails are distinct from the notifications that might be generated through your normal usage of Kerika, such as (optionally) getting a task summary sent at 6AM.

A simple unsubscribe system is also being rolled out in conjunction with these emails: if a user doesn’t find these tutorials helpful, they can stop receiving them.