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Kerika is work management for Lean, Agile and Distributed Teams.

Embedding a Twitter feed in a Kerika Whiteboard

Here’s a feature that we suspect most people probably don’t know about: you can embed a live Twitter feed on any Kerika Whiteboard.

While working on a Whiteboard, click on the Add Web Content button that appears in the left-hand toolbar, towards the bottom:

Adding Twitter feed to Whiteboard
Adding Twitter feed to Whiteboard

You can reference Twitter feeds with a simple “@” symbol: you can add Kerika’s Twitter feed just by typing in “@Kerika”.

The Twitter feed appears as a live object on your Whiteboard:

Live Twitter feed on Whiteboard
Live Twitter feed on Whiteboard

You might find it convenient to rename the URL to something more descriptive: you can do this by selecting the object and using the right-mouse button to get this menu:

Renaming Twitter feed for Whiteboard
Renaming Twitter feed for Whiteboard
Embedded Twitter feed on Kerika Whiteboard
Embedded Twitter feed on Kerika Whiteboard


An update on our Google Apps Marketplace problems…

We are still working with Google on fixing the problem with the G Suite Marketplace that caused the Kerika product listing to disappear unexpectedly about 2 weeks ago.

Progress was slow over the holiday season because many Googlers were out of office, but folks are back in town and working with us on debugging the problem — which, as far as we can tell, is entirely on Google’s end and has to do with their back-end systems for managing listings on the G Suite Marketplace.

An improvement to our Views function

We just updated Kerika today, and along with the usual bug fixes and other behind-the-scenes stuff we have made an improvement to the way Views are shown on your Home Page:

Improved Views in Kerika
Improved Views in Kerika

Some of our users have dozens of boards in active use at the same time, with large (and sometimes overlapping) teams, and as a result their Views counts are nearly always high.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the Home page now shows two counts for each View:

  • The total number of items that match for that View, and
  • The number of items that match that are assigned to you.

This makes it easier to see if you need to go back to a View to catch up on something that’s directly related to you, i.e. is assigned to you.

Getting a lot done: using Kerika at scale

And yet another tutorial video, part of our ongoing effort to create a bunch of learning materials for new users! This one is about getting a lot done, which means using Kerika for large scale projects.

Kerika’s Highlights feature help you zoom in on what really matters, even when you are working on a Task Board or Scrum Board board with hundreds of cards.

And Kerika’s Views feature helps you stay on top of things no matter how many projects you have underway at any time.

Here’s a quick tutorial video on how to get the most out of Kerika’s Highlights and Views: