Avoid using these characters when you name your projects

Some characters shouldn’t be used when you name a project — and we are going to make a change in Kerika that will rename any old projects you have to replace these characters with blank spaces — because they cause problems when you need to export the cards on your Task Board or Scrum Board.

Here’s what you need to avoid:

  • Forward slash (“/”)
  • Backward slash (“\”)
  • Colon (“:”)
  • Semi-colon (“;”)

When you do an export, the exported data are stored in a file in your Google Drive (if you are using Kerika+Google) or your Box account (if you are using Kerika+Box) and these characters are used by these cloud services as file separator characters, which means they cannot be part of a file name.

So, your export will fail (and we end up logging an error on our server, which doesn’t make us happy either)

We did make a change in Kerika a month ago that stopped new projects from using these characters in their names, but it looks like there are still a bunch of old projects out there that have these characters in their names, and now we are going to try to clean up these as well.