How to Plan a Virtual Marketing Event

Marketing events are all virtual these days, everywehere, as we all wait out the pandemic and try to figure out the shape of the “new normal”. To help our users who need to plan Virtual Marketing Events, we have a new template for you:

Screenshot of template for planning a virtual marketing event
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This is a very comprehensive template: it contains all the tasks you need to handle to make your virtual marketing event a success. Here’s an example of a task:

Screenshot showing an example task
Example Task

This template is rich in detail: tasks like this one also come with a checklist of subtasks to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

Screenshot showing an example checklist
Example Checklist

And links to useful online resources:

Screenshot showing example attachments
Example Attachments

The workflow is straightforward: Pre-PlanningLaunch PreparationPromotionsOperations.

We are making a big push to increase the quantity and quality of templates so our users can get started faster on their boards, because at Kerika it’s all about “getting more done”.

Check out this template and let us know if you think we can improve it!