Kerika has a free Template for Go To Market Strategy

Click on the image to view the Template

This template helps you create your marketing and optimize your marketing efforts to its maximum potential.

Designing and executing marketing strategies can be difficult, but this template can help you simplify the process and manage your marketing team effectively.

With this template, you can organize and optimize your marketing efforts, maintain team alignment, and achieve better results.

How to use this template:
  1. Use Resources: Use this column to gather useful tools and content that will help with your marketing campaign. You can use the existing resources as a starting point, and start adding your resources down the line.
  2. Ideas & Launch Plans: List your project-related ideas in this column. Collaborate and discuss ideas with your teammates, and decide which idea is the best to work on.
  3. In Progress: Once you decide which idea to work on, create a card or move the card you already created to this column. Update the card regularly so other teammates know what’s going on.
  4. Measurement and Optimization:  When the task is completed, move the card from the ‘In Progress’ column to this column. In this column, you can measure your campaign’s performance and analyze the data to optimize your marketing strategy.
  5. Done: After a card has completed all the stages of your marketing campaign, simply mark it as ‘Done’ or move the card to this column.