Bug, fixed: Export notification wasn’t going away

A small bug fix we did recently: when you do an Export of data from a Task Board or Scrum Board, you get a notification from Kerika when the export completes: that’s because the export could potentially take a long time, if you had a very large board, i.e. with hundreds of cards on it.

(In practice, most exports take just a few seconds, so the notification comes very quickly after you start the Export.)

The notification comes in two forms:

  • By email, with a link to open the file containing your exported data.
  • In your Kerika Inbox, on the top-right of the Kerika application, looking like this:
Export Notification in Kerika Inbox
Export Notification in Kerika Inbox

There was a bug that clicking on the “Dismiss” button on Kerika Inbox didn’t make the notification go away: it would reappear after a page refresh.

That bug has been fixed. Enjoy.