Removing the “Embed as IFRAME” feature for canvases

For a very long time we had a feature which was kind of cool (although we don’t know how many people actually used it!) — you could embed another website on a Kerika canvas, using a technique known as IFRAME.

IFRAMEs were common a few years ago, but have steadily dropped out of favor as browsers have increasingly become more secure.

By running another website inside your own, you can be vulnerable to various cross-scripting errors if you cannot fully trust that third-party website you have embedded.  And, at the same time, people who run websites have become less keen on having their sites embedded into other sites — a practice known as “clickjacking”.

(You can read more about this on Mozilla’s website, if you are interested in the technical details.)

Since it became impossible for us to provide a consistently good experience across all modern browsers, particularly as the number of websites that allow themselves to be IFRAMEd dropped drastically, we decided to drop this feature.  If you were using this feature in the past, you will find your old IFRAME is now just a simple bookmark…