Timing is everything when you send email

We occasionally email all of our users, when we have released something significant in terms of functionality or usability improvements.

On average, we probably send these emails 2-3 times a year, although we release software updates much more often.

Not every software update is announced in a mass email, although all the improvements and changes are always noted on this blog: unless the changes were big enough to require some additional explanation, we prefer to let users discover the new features on our own.

What we have noticed with the last couple of announcements is that the timing of the email makes a very big difference in terms of how many people actually open and read the emails.

Here are the last two emails we sent:

Timing is everything
Timing is everything


The “Release 62” announcement was actually far more significant, in our opinion, than the more recent “Release 66” version, at least in terms of UI changes and new features.

But, the Release 62 announcement went out mid-day on a Monday, and it was largely ignored as a result: only 9.7% of people opened that email.

The Release 66 announcement, on the other hand, went out on a Saturday afternoon, and had nearly double the open rate.

We think the simple explanation is that there was less competition for our emails on Saturday afternoon: fewer emails from colleagues and fewer crises to attend to.

We had long suspected this to be the case, but never had such clear proof that timing is everything when you send email 🙂