Viewing your Kerika canvas like a regular Web page

Did you know that any Kerika canvas, whether on a standalone Whiteboard or attached to a card on a Task Board or Scrum Board, can be viewed as a regular Web page by folks who have been given access to the board?

Kerika automatically creates a version of your canvas that can be viewed without the Kerika application: you can get this version by using the Project Info dialog, or, more simply, by just changing the “m” in the canvas’s URL to a “c”:

Web page version of Canvas
Web page version of Canvas

Every Kerika page has a URL of the form “…”

The URLs are randomly generated and unique: every card, every canvas, every board has a unique URL.

The first part of the URL is always of the form… There’s no special reason for using the “m”; it’s just part of Kerika’s history.

But if you change the “m” to a “c”, like in the example above where “” becomes “”, then you can view the Web page version of the canvas.

In the Web page version there are no buttons or other indications of the Kerika software: it looks and works just like a regular Web page.

Of course, security is not compromised: you cannot view the Web page version of a canvas if you aren’t permitted to access the Kerika canvas itself.