Adding images to canvases: differences between Google and Box

Kerika+Google, our integration with Google Drive, and Kerika+Box, our integration with Box, are very similar in terms of user interface, but the underlying cloud storage platforms are different in some subtle ways.

One of these has to do with the way images that are added to a canvas are named: when you add an image to a canvas, either by using the Upload button or simply by dragging and dropping the image from your desktop onto the canvas, Kerika will show a small thumbnail of the image on your canvas.

The thumbnails provided to Kerika by Google are better than those provided by Box in a couple of ways:

  1. Box’s thumbnails are square, which can result in a cropped view of the image; Google’s thumbnails show the entire image.
  2. Google’s thumbnails can be resized nicely on the Kerika canvas, simply by selecting it and then dragging on one of the corners; Box’s can’t.
  3. If you rename a Google thumbnail and take off the original file extension, e.g. you rename “picture.jpg” to be just “picture”, the thumbnail still renders correctly, but Box’s doesn’t. (Because Box relies on the file extensions to detect the file’s MIME-type.)

There are some other quirks with the way Box and Google work, but most of them are going to be invisible to most Kerika users.