Cards with really long titles…

Cards shouldn’t really have very long titles, most of the time, since the details of the task are better described within the card itself, but sometimes having a really long card title is unavoidable.

This is a problem that we have encountered ourselves, for example when we want to track bugs: if our Java-based server software records an exception (error), we need to track at least the top-level of the stack trace that we get from the Java virtual machine that’s running the server software, and this can get pretty long because it includes a bunch of critical information like the time stamp, process ID, etc.

Cards with really long titles
Cards with really long titles

Previously, Kerika’s UI wasn’t super-friendly when it came to long card titles: the entire card title would be displayed when you were viewing a Task Board or Scrum Board, but when you opened the card to view its details, the UI would only show the two lines of card title at a time.

(And this was by design: when we first designed Kerika, we really did think that 2 lines of text would be plenty for most people!)

With our latest release we have eased up on this: when you open a card, you can see the entire title, even if it is pretty long.

(Not that we want to encourage you to write really long cards!)