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About the Trash (and Restore) function in Kerika.

Cards that are in Done or Trash are frozen

Cards in the Done or Trash column, of a Task Board or Scrum Board, cannot be modified without first moving them out of Done or Trash: this is different from how boards worked before, and we made this change as part of our recent update where we introduced the concept of Archives.

Done cards
Done cards

There are a couple of reasons why we did this:

  • It seems like common-sense: if you have deleted a card, or marked it as Done, why would you be making changes to it? If the card needs changes, or someone wants to do chat or any other updates, that card isn’t really deleted or done, is it?
  • It matches the behavior of Archived Projects: when you move a project into the Archive in your account, that project is frozen in its current state, and remains frozen while it is in the Archive.For symmetry and ease of understanding of the concepts of “Done” and “Archive”, it made sense that Done cards should also be frozen.


An easier way to retrieve deleted projects

We have always had a Trash (or Recycle Bin) at every level of Kerika: anything that you delete goes into a Trash that’s associated with that view, so that if you make mistakes you can easily recover from them.

But, the way to retrieve deleted projects was not very clear: the functionality was there, but it was kind of buried so we are making that easier to find and use:

Projects Trash
Projects Trash

The Trash icon shows you how many deleted projects you can retrieve: this includes all projects that you, or anyone else deleted, where you were a Project Leader or Team Member.

This means that you can retrieve projects that were deleted by mistake by other Team Members!

It’s a pretty neat feature, and it works as you would expect:

Retrieving deleted projects
Retrieving deleted projects

All part of our next release — enjoy!