Why Box can seem too “chatty” with their email notifications

Some of our Kerika+Box users have been complaining about the number of email notifications they get when new projects are created: this has to do with Box, rather than Kerika, but it’s helpful to understand what’s going on, and what you can do about it.

When you create a project in Kerika, Kerika creates a dedicated folder for the files that will be used in that project.  This folder is shared with whoever needs access to that Kerika project.

Every Kerika user can set a personal preference:  you can choose to share your new projects with your account team automatically when they are created, or just with people as and when you add them one by one to a Kerika project.  By default, this is set to “share with account team” since this helps people discover new projects within their organization.

One downside of this: whenever you create a new project team, especially if it owned by a service account, a new Box folder will get created for this project and shared automatically with everyone who is part of that account.

This was resulting in way more emails than anyone wants to see, so we have made a change in the way we work with Box:

  • When people get added to a Box folder, through Kerika, they will no longer get an email notification.
  • However, the Account Owner will still be notified; there doesn’t seem to be any way around this.