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Detecting if third-party cookies are disabled

If you have signed up directly with Kerika, we use the Box Platform to store your files for you — Box is a secure, reliable cloud service and we have been a partner with them for several years.

But we do all this for you: efficiently, quietly and behind the scenes.

Which means you may never notice (and, really, you shouldn’t have to…)

However, we found that some users automatically block third-party cookies (this is a browser setting available in all types of browsers).

This was causing problems for the preview function for these users: when a user clicks on a file attached to a card or canvas, that’s getting stored in Box by Kerika for that user, we use Box’s Preview function in the form of an IFRAME.

Using an IFRAME enables us to add some Kerika-specific features, like automatic version tracking, to the standard Box Preview function.

This, however, requires users to allow Box.com to set a cookie, and this can fail if the user has never permitted Box.com to set cookies, or is automatically blocking all third-party cookies in their browser: when you are using Kerika.com, Box.com is effectively a third-party to the connection.

We want to make sure people understand this can be a problem, so we have added some smarts to Kerika to detect when people who have signed up directly are blocking Box.com.

If this is the case, a pop-up dialog box will appear explaining why the Preview function won’t work correctly without allowing Box.com’s cookies to be stored in the browser.

Attaching content to the board itself, not just to cards

We have added a new feature that should prove handy for a lot of folks: you can now add content — files from your laptop, images from your mobile or tablet, Web links from your Intranet or the Internet, or canvases — to a Task Board or Scrum Board itself.

If this sounds like something that was always there, maybe we need to say that differently: you used to have the ability to add content to a card, now you can add it to the board itself.

There are many situations we have encountered where we want to share content or a canvas with a team, but there wasn’t any obvious place to still it — no single card on the board that seemed like the right place to attach that content.

And that’s because the content we wanted to add was applicable across the entire board, not just relevant to a single card.

This was getting frustrating, so we decided to scratch our itch: a new button on the top-right area of your Kerika app will let you add files, Web links and canvases to the board itself:

Board Attachments
Board Attachments

This should make some of you as happy as it has made us!

How Project Settings Work in Kerika (A Preview of Coming Attractions)

Here’s a teaser video of the new Kerika user interface, which we are getting close to releasing…

Among other things, we will consolidate and improve a bunch of project management features under a new “Project Settings” button.

Check it out:

A quick refresh to Kerika, before we take a holiday break

We did a quick refresh to Kerika today, and we will be quiet for a while our development team — which is based in India — takes a well-earned Diwali break for about 2 weeks.

Today’s new refresh includes the following:

  • “Critical” has been added as a status flag for cards; you can also search for Critical cards with Advanced Search.

We will be back after the break with more great stuff rolling off the presses 🙂

One-click integration with Box Notes and Google Docs: a new feature

Here’s another new feature: you can create a new Box Note or Google Doc (depending upon whether you are using Kerika+Box or Kerika+Google) from within a card itself, and have that attached automatically to your card.

Adding a new Box Note
Adding a new Box Note

A single mouse-click is all that it takes to create a new Box Note or Google Doc, add it to your card (on any Task Board or Scrum Board), and open that Box Note / Google Doc and start using it.

When you are done editing your new Box Note / Google Doc, you can come back to Kerika and you will find it is already attached to the card where you were working!

All in one mouse-click!

One small adjustment you might need to do: many browser will automatically block pop-up windows. When you create a new Box Note or Google Doc, Kerika tries to open it immediately in a new browser tab, so that you can start using it.

If your browser gives a warning about a pop-up window, please allow pop-ups from Kerika — this is the only use of pop-ups by Kerika, and it makes a great feature even better!

Pop-up warning
Pop-up warning